<strong>Top Four Social Media Apps for Marketers to Use in 2023</strong>

It is 2023 already, and your business will not be successful if you have not created a social media marketing strategy. As of 2022, the number of active social media users was estimated to be 4.6 billion. So, social media has the potential to take your business to next level. 

Moreover, social media is constantly changing to meet the demands of users as the number of active users is increasing each year. So technology has blessed us with several social media applications that can help your brand stay on top of the marketing game. Therefore, you can imagine the benefits of using social media applications for your business. 

You can use different social media platforms to boost your digital marketing strategy. When you look for the best social media applications on Google, it displays a list of several useful applications that you can use. But, this can be quite confusing, and you might end up downloading an application that does not help you achieve your business goals.  

This blog has compiled a list of the best social media applications you can download today. 


If you have not started using Facebook, then now is the time to do so. Facebook is one of the largest social networking platforms, as it has something for everyone. You might think Facebook is only for socializing with friends, but it can also help boost your business sales. 

Statista states that more than one billion monthly global users registered on the Facebook marketplace. So, imagine the revenues you can generate if you use this platform. You simply have to create your business page and work on marketing it. You can even conduct live sessions on it to interact with your target audience and promote your page. Within no time, you will see how your business grows.


Just like Facebook, Instagram is another popular social media platform that can help you grow your business easily. This platform allows you to share pictures with your family and friends. It is a place where you can find influencers and celebrities that can promote your business. You can choose from photos, videos, sponsored ads, live sessions, and much more if you want to promote your business. Just ensure that you stay informed about the latest updates on Instagram and keep track of your high-performing posts. If you want to launch your new product, then you can conduct live sessions for your audience. You interact with your target audience in real-time when you conduct live sessions. This is beneficial for your business in many ways. 

But before that, you need to ensure you have a steady internet connection that can help you conduct live sessions smoothly. If you are looking for such type of internet connection, then you can subscribe to MetroNet Internet. It offers exceptional fiber optic internet connection and different speed tiers that you can choose from. You can visit its website if you want to know more about the different packages to get a good internet connection. 


Are you one of those who thought WhatsApp was solely used for messages? Then let us tell you this famous messaging application has made it easier for businesses to earn profits.  

In April 2022, WhatsApp almost had approximately 2.44 billion, active monthly users. So businesses can use this social media application to attract customers. With this, you can create an inventory catalog in the application. You can easily add product titles, pictures, prices, and so on. In addition, with this application, you can quickly reply to your interested customers and even add away messages. Thus, you do not have to cater to the customers 24/7, but they can expect to hear back from you. So, start using WhatsApp for your business today. 


You cannot ignore the marketing power that Twitter possesses! It is a place where the news gets viral within seconds. This social media platform also has billions of followers and is used by professionals, celebrities, journalists, and so on. Therefore, for marketers, Twitter presents massive business opportunities. As a brand, you can use this platform to engage with your target audience, boost conversions, offer immediate customer support, and much more.

Twitter allows you to use hashtags in your posts to increase your reach and raise brand awareness. You can even share promotional or educational pictures to provide value to your target audience. So, if your goal is to boost your sales in 2023, then Twitter is the application you cannot ignore. 

All in All… 

Billions of people use different social media applications to stay connected to the world. If you have not started using social media applications, then we hope this blog has convinced you to do so. Because 2023 can be your year if you use the right social media platforms for your business.

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