Looking for the best vendors wholesale for clip on shoe jewelry

Clip on shoe jewelry is a popular trend that has begun to show up in many stores and online. This trend takes the idea of shoe clips and extends them into bracelets or other wearable jewelry pieces made from pins or other small embellishments connected with a clip. Clip on shoe jewelry is usually formed from various colours, patterns and materials such as plastic, metal, wood, glass and more.

Tips for looking for the best vendors wholesale for clip on shoe jewelry

1. Get supplier reviews from customers

Looking for vendors wholesale for clip on shoe jewelry? If you want to find the best suppliers, then you should check out review sites. Usually, customers will leave feedback about the product and service given by the vendor so that other customers can better understand what they are getting into.

2. Go through clip on shoe jewelry catalogues

Vendors wholesale for clip on shoe jewelry usually will have catalogues sent out to potential customers. For those looking for cheap wholesale prices, this is a great way of getting access to a wide selection of products while staying on budget.

3. Visit vendors’ social media profiles

Depending on the vendor, they may have various social media accounts to interact with customers and potential vendors. Seeing what style of products they are involved with and what customer their product appeals to is a great way of getting a good idea about their style and how well the product will sell.

4. Check out the product photos

The look, feel, and quality of the clip on shoe jewelry you buy will be based on how good the photos are in the catalogue or website. The photos should show exactly what you would receive when buying from that particular warehouse or seller.

5. Check out the branding

Brands are normally associated with higher quality, so always be sure to check that the brand of clip on shoe jewelry you are looking at is on a high enough quality level. It would be important to consider whether they have several years in the business or are new to the market. Certain brands will have certain images and look better than others, so these can also help you decide whether or not this will be a good supplier for your needs.

6. Consider shipping options and costs

Consider shipping options when looking for clip on shoe jewelry if you are on a time crunch or if cost is a big factor in the decision-making process. Many sellers will have standard shipping options or may have additional ones depending on their country of origin and the location of where they are shipping to.


Clip on shoe jewelry is a good way to accessorize your look while giving yourself some personality through your accessories. The wide variety of different types of metals, gems and other materials that these items are made of allows people to express different sides of their personality depending on their style. The more you know about clip on shoe jewelry, the easier it will be to decide which ones will be right for your needs.

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