Ask These Question Form Your Pharmacist before Buying Medicines

This is a common human behavior that as soon as we receive the prescription from our doctor, we reach a local pharmacy store and purchase the list of medicines mentioned in your prescription. Not most of you ever examine and ask queries related to the medicines motioned. The doctor always recommends dugs on the basis of your health status and hence prescribes medication for a particular duration. But, people are more attracted towards online pharmacy stores in comparison to local drugs stores. There are authorized Canadian Pharmacy stores that are permitted to sell medicines online.

But there are some important questions that you should always ask your pharmacist before buying your prescription. Here is the list of important queries.

What is the Duration of Consuming Medicine: The duration of consuming your medicine totally depends upon your problem and the level that needs attention. If the doctor finds it critical, you may require medication for long, else you might get it for limited days. All it depends upon your disease and the time expected to curb the problem. You can even ask your doctor or pharmacist for the duration of medication after which you can live without consuming any drugs anymore.

Is there Any Side Effects of Medication: Undoubtedly, there are some medicines that might harm your body instead of positive results? So, you should ask your pharmacist for any side effects of every medicine you take. If the pharmacist tells you any side effect, you will also be prescribed the right way to get positive results, avoiding its side effects. The problem generally occurs for the patients who are taking medicines for the first time.

Will Your Current Prescription React with Other Prescription: The situation when you are already running a prescription for other diseases and have a new prescription, its complicated to know whether two prescriptions will react or not. It’s important to consult your doctor before getting any new prescription. You should share the entire prescription details before the doctor enlists a new prescription for you.

What to Do if I Miss the Regular Dosage: In some of the rare cases, when you are not capable to take your regular dose and finally missed it, you should know when you can cover that medicine and bring it on a routine. You can ask your pharmacist or doctor to find the right time to take the missed dosage.

Any Storage Suggestions: Well, this is the most important part! While buying medicines you will generally see the storage instructions on the medicine package. Even if it is not available, you should ask your pharmacist about its storage instructions store all your medicines accordingly. Storing medicines correctly help them give positive results with high potential.

Whenever you purchase medicines online, you should ensure that the website is legal and authorized by the government. Buying genuine medicines/drugs from authorized websites is highly important as there are fake websites selling impure and illegal medicines online. You can check the government website to find the list of authorized drugs distributors in your state.

Infographic provided by The Emmes Company, a clinical research organization
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