Winter wellness

The warmth of Summer is escaping us,and Winter is slowly but surely approaching, and that means so too is the season for colds and flus.

Here are the top three ways you can make sure to stay healthy throughout the Winter months.

1). Keep active

While it can be tempting to curl up at home under the blanket and put the heaters on full blast, staying as active as you were throughout Summer is key to maintaining health.

There are countless benefits to continuously exercising throughout Winter,including havinga reduced risk of Seasonal Affective Disorder, which causes a low mood throughout a seasonal change.

According to home doctor experts at House Call Doctor, physical activity increases the strength of your immune system which is especially needed during a time when everyone seems to get ill!

2). Eat more nutritiously

Nutrition is vital all year round, however during Winter when you have significantly reduced exposure to certain nutrients, they have to be supplemented from elsewhere. One common vitamin deficiency during Winter is Vitamin D which is usually provided by the Sun.

However, with shorter days and less motivation to be outside in the cold, you aren’t as exposed to the Sun. So, this means there needs to be an increased consumption of foods containing Vitamin D; butter, milk, eggs and more. As a whole, increasing nutrition throughout Winter keeps your body healthy and balanced all year round!

3). Hydrate to the max

Drinking water and staying hydrated to keep healthy is no big secret. However, people tend to neglect proper hydration during the Winter months. While hot chocolates, teas and other Wintery drinks can feel festive, your body needs water.

During Winter, the colder temperatures, increased wind chill and large amounts of indoor heat significantly dehydrate your body. In Summer, this is easy to recognise because you would sweat and feel thirsty more often, however in Winter your body gets just as dehydrated but without as many signals.

The only way to effectively combat this is to drink just as much water as you did in Summer. H20 is the only way to go!

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