How to avoid the hectic job of bringing all types of chargers on a vacation?

Have you ever thought that if you go on a vacation but forgot to bring your phone charger with you what would happen then? Well one solution is to buy a new phone charger from the place you are in. But what if not only you but you and your family everyone has forgotten to bring their mobile phone chargers in the first place. Well, in that case what you can do is that you can buy Usb power plug socket (เต้าเสียบ usb, which is the term in Thai). Usb power plug socket is relatively new electric power socket item and has been developed by data trust power company I’m Thailand.

How Usb power socket works in reality?

To understand how Usb power plug with 3 socket ( ปลั๊ก 3 ตา usb, which is the term in Thai) works you first need to visualize how it looks. Usb power plug socket is noting but an electric board with usb sockets in places of three pin or 5 pin sockets and have a plug attached to it so that it can be connected to the power in the first hand. Now this power sockets that comes with 3 USB sockets will help you to charge three mobile phones at any given time provided that you have a good voltage power connection to it. This new innovation from the house of data trust power company has revolutionized the concept of power plugs and this simply makes charging mobile phones on a tourist spot much more convenient.

Buy the best quality USB power sockets in Thailand

The new usb power sockets reduce the load of having to have separate chargers for separate phones in case you are going on a vacation. Thus it is evident that the demand for this product is sky high in Thailand itself. So if you are in Thailand and want to buy the best quality power plugs and USB sockets then make sure you get it from the very best data trust power company. To know more about their products and to see the wide range of power sockets and plugs data trust power company has to offer do visit the official website of data trust power company and order online from their portal.

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