5 Crucial Considerations for Picking a Christening Outfit for Your Baby Girl  

christening is a once in a lifetime ceremony and you ought to get the right outfit to signify its significance. There’s more to selecting attire for this anointing, baptism or naming occasion than to just pick anything that comes your way. We discuss five things to consider when choosing girls christening gowns;

Style Matters

The style is an important consideration when it comes to selecting outfits such as girls christening gowns. You can go with either the traditional or modern style. Make sure the outfit is adorable and provides sufficient comfort throughout the day.

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The standard color for traditional christening outfits is usually white, which is a symbol of purity and youth. But modern garments now come in a wide range of colors. However, whatever color you choose must be light enough.

Depending on your baby’s genre, you can choose between blue and pink hues. Although the color of the christening gown isn’t set in stone, make sure the color you select is bright enough for the important occasion.


For you to consider girls christening outfits complete, they must come accompanied with several accessories. For instance, you might want to add some tights, socks and shoes that match perfectly with the girls christening gowns.

An elegant hat for girls could help on days when the temperatures are a little low. Some outfits feature one or two christening bibs to keep your little girl’s outfit in good condition during and after the ceremony.

The Climate

When choosing a christening gown for your girl, the climate has to influence your decision making. If it’s during the hot summer season, consider the ones with short sleeves.

Besides, babies have very sensitive skins, and you should be careful when choosing the fabric. During the sunny, warm season, go for the light fabrics like silk and cotton.

If it’s during the cold winter season, keep your girl warm with a christening blanket, a sweater and even a hat. Also, make sure you choose a woolen fabric for the outfit.

Your Budget

Sure, it’s never good to compromise on the quality of the christening garment with the intention of cutting on the cost. But then, it’s essential to have a budget before setting out to shop. Pink Princess offers countless styles and designs at affordable prices.

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