Why You Should Consider SEO Over PPC

Every online platform, be it a blog or a store deeply desire for a good number of people to always visit their website, that’s why business owners put up strategies for their website to rank above competitors when searched on an engine. Search engine optimization(SEO) and pay per click(PPC) are the frequently used strategy to rank on these search engines with a lot of platforms like edkent media a top SEO Toronto agency offering expertise service to that regard(SEO and PPC)

With the ever-increasing costs per clicks (CPC), there is no better time than now for brands to shift their focus to organic optimization (SEO) and thus become less dependent on SEO paying (PPC).

What Is The Strategic Advantage Of Transferring Your PPC Efforts To SEO?

Balancing your efforts between PPC and SEO can help you reduce the costs of your PPC campaigns since you can prioritize SEO efforts on keywords that are more expensive, but are free because organic traffic is usually free. Developing SEO visibility takes time and money with the corresponding expertise, such you can find in top SEO Toronto agencies. But unlike PPC, there is no charge to you every time you print or click your site.

Now, if you had to change some keywords from your PPC campaign to your SEO tactic, you would be able to offset the cost of a PPC campaign while saving money in the long run. Imagine ranking yourself on the PPC keywords you target without having to pay for each click made on your SERP (search result page). This aspect alone is worth the potential cost of implementing this type of strategy.

Think of SEO as a long-term investment, like buying a home. Here is a list of advantages of SEO

The Benefits Of SEO

Cost Per Click (CPC): As mentioned above, efforts related to your organic results are free. The development and execution of this visibility and strategy will take funds and time, but you will not be charged directly for your impressions or clicks compared to the CPP.


With more than 1.2 trillion Google searches each year, the sustainability provided by organic SEO tactics will bring you long-term success. Unlike the PPC, organic traffic to your site will not cease to exist from the exact moment you stop paying.

Better CTR(Click-through Rates)

Users tend to trust organic results more than paid results. That being said, you’re more likely to generate more clicks from a very well-placed organic result than a paid ad, which in turn will help increase the CTR of your sites.

So if you are still paying when your ads are clicked on, I think its time you tried SEO.

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