6 Reasons Why You Need To Use Floor Plans With Your Property Listings

A recent survey conducted among property sellers highlighted the fact that 4 out of 5 of them reported floor plans being either very useful or downright essential when they were selling their home. Nearly 9 in 10 agreed that floor plans were even more essential in terms of buying a property. It is technically true that floor plans aren’t actually required for selling a property, but then again, neither are property descriptions of photos. How many listings have you seen that didn’t have those? Floor plans command attention, and they also make the decision-making process for buyers a lot easier. They’re just as essential as high-calibre photos, and the following are 6 reasons why:

1) Floor Plans Make it Easier For Buyers to Visualise a Property

As compared to just using photos by themselves, including land registry plans and floor plans lets buyers have an easier time picturing what a home looks like. In fact, Rightmove has research indicating that more than a third of all buyers are more likely to enquire about properties that have floor plans. Also, 20% of them totally ignore listings that don’t have them. Floor plans let buyers see details that descriptions and photos can’t convey. Such elements include measurements, windows, storage space, and unique features such as extensions and knock-throughs.

2) Floor Plans Save Time

High-calibre property photos are crucial to highlighting a property in a good light. Wide-angle shots are effective with many buyers, although some homebuyers think that they’re misleading in terms of portraying space accurately. Floor plans prevent this since prospective tenants and buyers have a clear idea of the whole property before they even set foot in the door. House-hunters can use photos alongside floor plans to get a good understanding of a home’s layout and space. That means they don’t have any nasty surprises waiting for them when they get there.

3) Moving in Mentally

When a buyer is able to see themselves living inside a property, then the estate agent’s job is already halfway done. The previously mentioned Rightmove survey indicates that buyers like floor plans that not only show room layouts but also how rooms fit together in relation with the rest of the overall property. However, what buyers say is most important in terms of a floor plan is the specific dimensions of each room. Good floor plans show specific room measurements, and door and window placements. This lets prospective buyers start imagining where they would put their own furniture and how they would like to use each space. They might even start mentally envisioning the decor or what they home improvements they might make to suit their own needs. Once this starts bubbling up in their head, then they have an emotional attachment to a property, so their decision to actually buy isn’t that far off.

4) Floor Plans Help Buyers Remember Properties Later

Floor plans are useful in helping prospective buyers visualise the potential of a space before a viewing and also during it. However, they also help after the fact. You might get a lot of good indications during your viewing, but it can be distressing if you make a follow-up call and the visitors ask which house it was. Keep in mind that house-hunters usually look at multiple properties any day they go out, so the homes they see start blending together at the end of the day. If you include floor plans in your marketing materials and listings, then it can help your home stay more prominently in the front of their mind.

5) Minimise the Stress Involved in Viewings

Floor plans can help buyers make decisions after they have come for a viewing. Remember that many people do property viewings in a limited amount of time. Having an estate agent hovering can add to their stress. Getting a closer look at the specific measurements or other features of property they might have overlooked can help persuade buyers into doing a second viewing that they might have otherwise passed on.

6) A Good Floor Plan Brings a Professional Vibe

Professional-grade floor plans make your listing look far more serious, and that generates serious attention and respect. Floor plans tell the world you mean business.

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