When you want to move to a new house you are advised never to leave anything until you are done, having that you cannot unpack everything on the very day you enter your new house then it is good to pack the basic things you will need in a place where they are easily accessible. Remember to take care of the things that will require careful packing. To have a successful move it is good to consider the following before and during tips on packing to move to a new house. See here for more info.

Before packing.

It is good to create a plan before you start your moving from Flyttebyrå Oslo process, you plan for the packing boxes and purchase tapes and boxes of different sizes. Plan on the boxes that will park things in different rooms and label the boxes accordingly.

  • Labeling.It is good to pack the accessories of the appliances together in a single box. However, you should label the wires using masking tape and note their connection. Seal the box using tape and label.
  • Important documents.

Losing certificates or a passport is a bigger problem than losing a curtain. Therefore, it is good to pack all your important documents like the marriage certificates, birth certificates, passports and other documents in a safe box. It is even better to carry the box personally when moving.

Pack your essentials.

Obviously, you will not unpack everything in a single day when you enter your new house, it is good then to pack your essential goods that will be needed on the same day you enter your new home in a labeled box.

Heavy items.

To avoid breakage you should pack your heavy objects in a cardboard box. Remember to put the hard objects that cannot break at the bottom and the other objects on the top. However, the box should not be too heavy.

Packing textiles and clothes.

Un-hung your clothes and put the hangers together and tie with a rope. Fold your clothes and put the clothes in a box .carefully roll your carpet and tie with a rope too to avoid damage.

Pack your fragile items.

Remove drawers from your furniture and pack the fragile items, the pots and pans should be wrapped with a paper and then stack on each other. Pack your mirrors and artwork in mirror boxes and wrap with tape. After all this remember to use a furniture cover to wrap your drawers.

Large items and electronics.

Furniture. Is the furniture can be disabled the better but remember to mark the joints, also protect the arms of your seat before moving to avoid breakage.

  • Computers. Backup your data before switching your computer off and packing it with all its cables in a safe box.
  • Fridge, washing machine, oven. Disconnect these gadgets with great care and give time for them to cool before moving.

As you have discovered from the above tips, the work is quite challenging to be done by a single individual, so consider hiring a house movers company.

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