T5HO Fluorescent Still A Powerful Competitor For T5 LED.

In recent times, the buzz has always been about the LED bulb (หลอด ไฟ led, which is the term in Thai). But there is still some traditional light source that tries to compete against LED, one example of those is T5HO.

T5 was established as an enhanced substitute for t8 fluorescent for some implementation. Compared to t8, t5 tube has a smaller diameter of 5/8 inch. T5 also make use of a different ballast and base than t8, so they can never be utilized as direct substitutes in prevailing t8 features. Typical implementations for T5HO include wall-washing, high-bay installations, direct/indirect lighting, and indirect lighting in commercial buildings.

Comparison Of T5 Fluorescent To T8 Fluorescent

What Are The Advantages?

  • Small diameter t5 lamps enhance lamp effectiveness. Unlike the t8, it provides an improvement of roughly 10%.
  • Small diameter t5 lamps provide better optical control and higher source of brightness, unlike t8 lamps.
  • Small diameter t5 lamps permit for a low profile, compact fixture.
  • T5 lamps higher lumen output implies either 1-lamp fixtures or fewer fixtures, rather than t8 2-lamp fixture to lighten up the same place. This 32W t8 2-lamp fixture generates lumen of 5500 to 6600. On the other hand, a single T5HO 54W lamp generates linen of 5000. The similar light output could be achieved with lower wattage and fewer T5 lamps.

What Are The Disadvantages?

  • Glaring potentials. Comprehensive care has to be taken when making use of T5HO lamps to reduce the chance for people to look at the lamp directly. The high illumination that this lamp produce could lead to potential scowl indirect light implementation. This is one of the reasons why the light bulb t5 (หลอดไฟ t5, which is the term in Thai) is used frequently in mesh filters or diffuser, fixtures with parabolic louvres or cove applications, indirect fixtures, among many others.
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