Facts you should know about sheep export from Romania

The sheep export increases every year because the consumption of the mutton and Lambs has grown in many countries. Ranking the 5th place in the list of the countries where live sheep are available for sale, Romania has beautiful surroundings – mountain, hills and great pastures – the best places for raising sheep  More than that, here are built farms where sheep are raised according to all standardization required by the Union European.

According to some statistics from Eurostat, in December 2016 the flock stood at 9.88 million head.

Taking into consideration that the Romanian people don’t consume mutton, they prefer pork and chicken, the country is ready to export sheep livestock every year.

In Romania, sheep are bred for milk and meat production as well.

Why raising sheep livestock?

Thousands of years ago, the domestication of the sheep was a huge step to humanity. People discovered the benefits of raising sheep – such as the production of milk, meat and wool. Considering the fact that there are some breeds which are more suitable for breeding and others for crossbreeding, the shepherds tried to find different ways to improve the quality of the breeding traits.

  • In comparison with cows, horses and pigs, sheep don’t require any special conditions of breeding so this is one of the reasons why farmers choose to raise sheep.
  • The sheep flock don’t need special conditions – hard for the shepherds to provide them. They require nourishment which contains minerals, fibres, proteins, vitamins and clean water.
  • They don’t require too much space so if the area you have is limited you don’t have to worry – sheep don’t need a lot of space to develop. Two acres is more than enough for 2-4 ewes, 5 raws and their lambs.

Are you interested in sheep export? Choose Seradria

When you buy sheep online you’ll have to pay attention to some criteria in order to choose wisely. Seradria, one of the most appreciated exporters from Romania offers livestock sheep for sale at good prices. The company has a wide experience – more than 23 years – in raising and selling sheep and has exported live sheep from different countries from Europe to the Arab Peninsula. Here is a list with some of the countries which exported live sheep from Seradria:

  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Tunisia
  • Libya
  • Israel
  • Lebanon.

This trustworthy company assures that all the blood analysis and the vaccines are done in correspondence with all the standards required. The farm has a limit of 150 000 of heads per year – sheep and cattle, you can buy online livestock in great numbers. Depending on the preferences of each client, sheep can be delivered with wool or without wool.

When you’ve decided to export sheep you’ll have to take into consideration what kind of bred you want and if you’re interested more in the production of milk, meat or wool. Some type of breeds are raised for their tender meat and for their special traits – for example, Karakul – appreciated for the fat tail. Some shepherds bred sheep for their wool while others raise them for their milk.

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