Managing Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease with the Help of Memory Care Facilities in Visalia CA

Dementia is a case of serious memory loss. Prominent among factors causing it are brain, kidney and liver disorder, as well as vitamin deficiency, depression and stress. Alzheimer, on the other hand, can be regarded as a class of dementia as it accounts for about 70% of cases of dementia. It is a disease that is responsible for the degeneration and eventual death of brain cells thereby causing severe memory loss. Memory care facilities in Visalia CA are dedicated to helping patients manage the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s

One of the benefits of choosing memory care facilities in Visalia CA is that they help patients improve their eating habits. Some of the ways to achieve this include

  • Spike their interest in mealtimes by making it special for them.
  • Offer them high-calorie snacks from time to time if you see that they are losing weight. If otherwise, fruits and vegetables should always be within their easy reach.
  • So that they do not become overwhelmed with the quantity of meal presented them, it is advisable to break their meals down into smaller portions throughout the day.

A decline in social participation of the affected individual worsens the condition. In a memory care facility, residents enjoy on-site medical care to improve social interaction. Even though there is a low caregiver to resident ratio, daily activities and creative opportunities are the reasons why the facilities are beneficial.

Difference between memory care and assisted living

Of course, there are many differences between memory care units and assisted living facilities. Here are a few

Level of Safety:  Apart from the strategic architectural designs employed to ensure the safety of their residents, Memory care units also carry out more safety checks than assisted living facilities. Some also use technological devices such as tracking bracelets to ensure that none of the residents put themselves in harms’ way.

They further ensure safety by keeping all harmful materials or items out of the reach of residents. Such materials include shampoos and soaps.

Number of Residents

Both assisted living facilities and memory care units offer various sizes of residences. However, while it is possible to find an assisted living facility that can house more than 100 residents, it is rare to find a memory care unit with such capacity.  Also, with choosing a memory care unit for your loved one, such a person should be put into consideration. While some might find comfort in a large number of people, others might feel relaxed around fewer people. So care should be taken before a commitment is made.

When is the best time to take your elderly to one of the memory care facilities in Visalia CA you may ask? Most times, the human instincts reveal a lot. If the guts say that it is appropriate to move the victim to memory care, it may be correct. Search for the best center around and do the needful.

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