Planning for a tour to Japan

Japan, an island country located in Eastern Asia in the Pacific Ocean, depicts the perfect picture of a nation which on the one hand has maintained its rich culture and history and on the other, it is the benchmark of technological innovation all around the world.  A country of four islands embarking on an everlasting journey to scientific advancement and historical culture makes a perfect spot for a vacation in the midst of beautiful summers and chilling winters.

Going to Japan for a vacation confuses the person as to where they can go and what all to see there, well you are in for a long list of a beautiful adventure. The tourist attractions of Japan are divided into 8 major regions each having its distinct tours and attractions. Planning a Japan Tour will take you some of the most beautiful lakes, temples, spring flower valleys, shrines, natural sceneries of the world. Its deep rich culture will bring you in front of historic castles and pottery towns that present a mirror image of its history. Japan also has to its credit inclusion of many sites into UNESCO’s World Heritage list like Shiretoko a beautiful mix of marine and terrestrial ecosystem, the Horyuji Temple which is one of the oldest wooden buildings in the world and many more such pristine and remarkable sites.

In Japan you can also enjoy some seasonal attractions like cherry blossoms in spring, Sapporo snow festival in winters, Gion summer festival and autumn festival and many more gardens and festivals celebrated according to seasons all over the country. These and numerous more attractions are waiting for you in your Japan tour, touching your spiritual and emotional senses and awakening you to some of the most scenic and picturesque locations in the world.

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