A good number of translation tools are available on the internet, yet owing to the process being carried out by machines, a lot of errors are recorded. Human translators remain the most accurate and concise in the translation process.

However, with the advent of technology, it will be a waste not to utilize the machine translating processes, especially when there are available tips to ensure proper usage, minimize flaws and produce speedy efficient results.


The machine, unlike humans, works with simple and clear words, terms or phrases. Avoid cumbersome ideas and thought; instead, break them down to different sentences.

Word usage should also be minimized for each sentence to get the best result. A minimum of 10 to 20 words should be used.

Clear and formal writing

In translating your documents, even in English translation (รับแปลภาษาอังกฤษ which is the term in Thai) be more specific with the literal meaning of words, avoiding the usage of colloquialism, idioms, slangs and clichés.


The ambiguity of words could make the system present you with a different meaning from the context.

Avoid words with multiple meanings like “movie and film. Also make a supplement for words that are both in the noun and verb format, e.g. words ending withing.

Check spelling and grammar

A misspelt word or grammar results in the translator not identifying the word leading to errors.

Proper accentuation

Apply the right accent marks.

Punctuation Pitfalls

Prevent the use of complicated punctuation marks like the hyphen.

Employ the use of articles in listed items, and minimize the use of abbreviations.

For example; apply an article where you have

” The man and mob” to be

“The man and the mob”.

Do not exclude words

Avoid omitting words which imply everyday use like “who, where, which, that” etc. as they can be needful in the target language.

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