Why Should You Consider A Dedicated Server For Your Business Site?

Small and large businesses need to be really careful about what hosting option they choose because there are numerous differences between them. While most business sites these days are hosted on shared hosting, this is a solution that may not be suitable for you. In shared hosting, the resources of a server are shared by countless websites, sometimes thousands. 

When you need more power and you want full control over your server, the dedicated server USA option is what you have to take into account. This brings in some really interesting advantages that you will surely appreciate. The important ones are highlighted in the following paragraphs. 

Server Resources Are Never Shared

Whenever the dedicated hosting provider is chosen, all server resources are yours to control. There is no longer a need to think about having other websites clog up your dedicated server’s RAM and CPU. The dedicated server also guarantees that there won’t be any bad scripts that run somewhere else or bandwidth spikes that slow down the entire server. 

Increased Security And Performance

When you use the dedicated server, you are guaranteed a maximum website uptime. If you look at shared hosting, the option is only suitable for the sites that have lower traffic. Whenever the website gets a lot of traffic, the dedicated server offers reliability and stability, which are paramount for business site credibility and branding. 

The dedicated server also guarantees that you do not share space with websites that are malicious or spammers. You gain access to enhanced security, which is very important for the companies that need to handle sensitive transactions through SSL or FTP


The dedicated server will give you access to full flexibility. You can customize everything based on your unique requirements and needs in terms of RAM, software, disk space, and CPU. The shared hosting package always has specific limits that cannot be lifted to applications, operating environment and software. You practically add your site to a server that is already configured. With the dedicated option, you choose what is installed and what hardware is present. 

Organizations gain a fully customizable server environment, one that perfectly fits your unique needs. You can choose software, platform and practically gain complete control over every single configuration aspect. 

A Unique IP Address

This is one of the advantages that few people think about but it is really important. Every single server out there has a unique IP address. When you opt for shared hosting, it is possible that hundreds or even thousands of sites have the same IP address. This is important because when a neighbor on the server is an adult site or a spam site, the rankings of your site might end up being pushed down. 

In dedicated hosting, the entire server is yours so you have a unique IP address. Such a thing is very important for the larger eCommerce websites that require the use of SSL to process credit cards. 

Zero Overhead

When you need the dedicated server but you do not have the resources or time needed to fully manage the server, dedicated hosting stands out as a very low-cost way to fully access server resources. The provider is the one that handles all the costs associated with maintaining and building server equipment. Overhead is quickly reduced.

The only problem with the dedicated hosting packages is that they are more expensive. A small business that is at the start of its road might not be able to afford the monthly expenses. Even so, it is worth taking into account and you might want to upgrade to the dedicated option as soon as possible. 

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