What Are the Different Ways to Weighing Pearl?

Generally, the size or diameter of the pearls is measured in millimeters. However, in case of buying pearl in bulk quantity, they are charged on the basis of its weight. If the pearls are large, then the weight of your pearl can even be provided. The weight of the pearl is mostly expressed in the form of three units: grains, momme or carats. Let us know more about pearl weight in detail.

What are the special types of weight designated for pearls?

Due to the evergreen trend of pearl necklaces, it becomes a lot important to various jewellery dealers that a specialized form of “weight” must be proposed for them. In one of the ways, a pearl will have a diamond form instead of a square form.

It will also get stamped in the form of “Grain” in place of “Carat.” There is one more proposed set of pearl wherein it would be stamped in the form of mg or milligrams and is made round shape to designate the pearl.

About “momme”, measurement unit for pearl

Momme, it’s the measurement, which is widely used in the calculation of pearl weight. It is a Japanese unit of measuring pearl weight whose value is equal to 3.75 grams that equates to 18.75 carats. Generally, you will find that cultured pearls are weighted in the form of momme or carats.

How is the unit “grain” used for calculation of pearl weight?

Besides the unit “momme”, there is one more unit that is used for the measurement of pearl weight and it is grain. Mostly, weight of natural pearls is defined in the form of grains. Here 1 grain is equal to 0.25 carat.

This unit is commonly used for describing the weight of “cultured freshwater pearls”.

About the unit “carat” in the measurement of pearl weight

Naturally cultured pearls are weighted in the form of “carat”. American freshwater pearls are sold in the market as per their carat weight. The commonest standard used in measuring the weight of Chinese pearls is “kilo”.

  • 1 carat = 0.2 grams = 0.007 oz av = 4 pearl grains = 0.053 momme
  • 1 gram = 5 carats = 0.035oz av = 20 pearl grains = 0.266 momme
  • 1 pearl grain = 0.05 grams = 0.25 carat = 0.013 momme = 0.0017 oz av
  • 1 momme = 3.75 gram = 18.75 carats = 75 pearl grains = 0.131


Hope the above information has provided the required info on measurement of pearl in weight.

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