What is Longspan Shelving and What are its Benefits?

If you are looking at switching up and improving the storage options you have in your business warehouse, there are many questions you need to ask yourself. One of those questions is ‘Why do you need longspan shelving?’ If you are unfamiliar with this effective for of storage or already know of it but are on the fence as to whether it could benefit your business operations or not, we have put together in the following post a guide. It will outline exactly what it actually is and how they can benefit your business warehouses.

What Actually is Longspan Shelving?

Longspan shelving is a specialist form of storage utility that allows you, the user. to manually store small and medium sized goods, items and products. Often, this kind of storage system is used for storing items that are picked by hand from larger sized cartons, boxes and drums. Longspan shelving comes in various heights, widths and depths. See the Racking Spares website for more details.

Longspan shelving units are also made from a variety of different materials such as steel, mesh or chipboard decking. You may also be able to find a storage unit that utilises a combination of those materials. Basically, whatever you need to meet your specific business requirements, you can find a longspan shelving unit to suit. Many longspan shelving systems come built with bolt-free locking-in systems that ensure that the support beams stay securely locked in place. This helps to ensure that the units are safety when employees are checking the installation and also provides a storage solution that is futureproof.

What Can You Use Longspan Shelving to Store?

If your warehouse or business carries and stores goods, products and items that can’t be stored using pallet racking, longspan shelving is ideal. This includes items that, for whatever reason, can’t be moved by forklifts or conveyers or that are fragile, bulky or an otherwise odd shape. Items like office supplies, tyres, batteries and long pipes are just some of the products and goods that are stored using longspan shelving units.

The versatility of these kinds of storage units is one of their biggest selling points, as they enable you to safely and securely store items and goods of different shapes and sizes. The thing to remember when using longspan shelving is that you should be able to manually move the items you store on it, while adhering to the guidelines set out by the HSE

What Benefits are there from Using Longspan Shelving?

There are various benefits from using longspan shelving, some of them we have touched upon above, while some of the others include:

  • They offer instant access to all your unit loads and are incredibly versatile
  • They are easy and quick to assemble
  • They make effective use of space available
  • They can be customised to provide you with a tailored storage solution for your company need

So if you are looking for an alternative storage solution to pallet racking, we hope we have convinced you that longspan shelving could be just the system you are looking for.

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