Why are People Given Prize and Medal?

The major reasons why we provide Honors and Prizes to reward initiative is to build self-confidence, to construct a favorable knowing environment, and to boost group and individual inspiration. Rewarding somebody with a Trophy after a performance can build confidence as it gives favorable reinforcement, which can be associated with a collection of performance variables. For example, if you are attempting to get your football team to be a lot more protective and allow much less objective in you might compensate your group with a Prize or Medal [เหรียญรางวัล, which is the term in Thai] every time they keep a tidy sheet. This will assist boost the groups’ self-confidence in Safeguarding.

An additional benefit of fulfilling with Trophies is that it can produce a positive learning setting. If players are awarded performances and good pieces of play completely, then they will feel they are being recognized for their initiative and will, therefore, strive to discover and progress people and players.

Other Reasons Why Awards are Given

The various other aspect entailed with gratifying effort with Trophies is that will increase inspiration. If you establish a target for a team or collection of people and offer a reward or Prize for the person that satisfies their target, then this will make them a lot more motivated to achieve their target. You can see this in all walks of life, from sporting activity to service, where teams, players and staff members are all set targets with a reward tied in with reaching this target. Several organizations supply a Trophy for the very best employee or staff member of the month, which can build inspiration within a company.

There are many reasons why medals and trophies are given to achievers, and these trophies remain with them for all of their life to inspire in every step.

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