Essential Questions and Answers about Rock Hill Hospital  

The healthcare industry has always been innovative in discovering new treatments and cures. But when it comes to other aspects of healthcare, patients don’t always have healthcare interactions that could be considered cutting edge. As part of the Crystal Run Healthcare family of group practices, Rock Hill Hospital is changing that by delivering a new breed of healthcare.

What does “a new breed of healthcare mean?”
Rock Hill puts the patient first. The hospital provides a high level of service, which includes numerous specialized care options. Patients can take advantage of state-of-the art technologies like endoscopy and digital radiology services. Also, the Sleep Center at Rock Hill is the first accredited program of its kind in the region. The Sleep Center diagnoses and treats a variety of sleep-related disorders, such as sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, insomnia, and narcolepsy.

In addition, because many chronic ailments such as diabetes and heart disease are common, Rock Hill takes an “evidence-based” approach to these issues, which includes programs to help patients manage them holistically for a better quality of life.

What makes the hospital different?
Beyond diagnostic and treatment technologies, Rock Hill is making it easier to receive treatment according to your schedule. That means expanded hours, more availability of walk-in appointments, and being able to schedule appointments online.

Though many healthcare providers deliver a high level of care, many of the hassles surrounding patient experience result from other factors, such as billing, testing, and record keeping. As a leader in maintaining secure, electronic health records, Rock Hill Hospital has streamlined many of those ancillary processes that are a big part of a person’s healthcare experience. Through various technologies, Rock Hill Hospital has improved many steps in the process, like preventing duplicate testing and reducing medical errors such as prescribing medicines that don’t interact well with others.

How does Rock Hill work with your doctor? 
During a hospital stay, for example, you will enjoy a single point of contact, who is your hospitalist. The hospitalist will explain all aspects of your treatment. Because your recovery and treatment extend beyond any hospital stay, the hospitalist shares all information with your primary care physician. That reduces confusion or misunderstandings that could affect your rehabilitation.

What do experts say about the hospital?
In 2006, Crystal Run Healthcare, the company behind Rock Hill, became the first private practice in the state to earn The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval. That was no small accomplishment. As the top healthcare standards organization, the independent Joint Commission monitors and evaluates how well groups like Rock Hill meet and exceed exacting healthcare quality and value levels.

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