If You Are Looking For An Amazing Cleaning Service Call Jan-Pro

JAN-PRO’s specialized cleaning services can be tailored to fit your business’s needs. They offer different pricing options depending on your industry and the size of your facility.

The national brand offers industry-specific cleaning certification programs that ensure you’ll receive the specialized care you need. They also provide modern cleaning products and patented sanitation systems.

What We Do

The local team at the exceptional JAN-PRO cleaning service Rochester NY, understands that every facility has its own needs, from medical centers and schools to restaurants and retail spaces. That’s why they undergo Signature Clean training and rigorous certification programs to understand the unique hygiene demands of each industry. They also use modern, tried-and-true cleaning products and systems to get your space sparkling clean, including the proprietary EnviroShield commercial disinfectant system and specialized backpack vacuums that meet HEPA filtration standards.

Franchisees don’t have specific territories, and Wallace says they work together to arrange cleaning customers so that each doesn’t compete for the same clients. On Long Island, the local JAN-PRO team services Brentwood, Freeport, Ronkonkoma, and Wyandanch businesses.

Our Process

The work environment is the heart of your business. It’s where you and your team do everything, from making transactions to brainstorming for big projects. But keeping up with cleaning and disinfecting the space is a big task when your business is growing.

Your local JAN-PRO franchise is ready to clean your facility. Each cleaning franchisee has completed our Signature Clean training, a rigorous certification on industry-specific cleaning standards and practices. They also use patented cleaning systems like MedMetrix and EnviroShield and quality assurance tools such as JAN-PRO Tracker to ensure immaculate cleaning every time.

Trusted JAN-PRO cleaning services provide measurable results for all industries and budgets. Medical facilities benefit from our hospital-grade cleaning products and advanced technology; schools and universities need clean spaces that support their educational goals; and retail businesses benefit from clean, inviting rooms that showcase their brands. We’re the trusted commercial cleaning service Rochester NY you can count on to keep your business hygienic and safe for everyone.

Our Equipment

Your business’s or facility’s cleaning and disinfection needs are as unique as your space. That’s why every JAN-PRO franchise owner-operator undergoes a rigorous training program to understand their industry and specific cleaning requirements. Your local team will work with you to ensure you get visible and measurable results that meet your high standards.

Your JAN-PRO cleaning and disinfection team uses tried-and-true, hospital-grade commercial cleaning products and equipment. They clean your space using backpack vacuum cleaners that meet HEPA filtration standards and use color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths to avoid cross-contamination. They also utilize MedMetrix and EnviroShield commercial disinfection systems and our proprietary quality assurance system, JAN-PRO Tracker.

Our JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting franchisees are trained to provide the best commercial cleaning service Rochester NY, Western NY, and Syracuse, including janitorial service for medical offices, education facilities, and industrial spaces. They have undergone Signature Clean, a thorough certification program to understand your business’s cleaning and disinfection needs.

Our People

JAN-PRO franchisees have succeeded in a recession-resistant industry with a stable revenue stream. As an Executive Master Business, you will run the back office for a network of unit franchisees in an overgrowing $100 billion industry.

Your local team of cleaning professionals has years of experience and is highly trained to clean and disinfect your business. They have completed Signature Clean, a rigorous certification program on cleaning in different industries, and use patented cleaning systems to meet your specific business needs, such as the EnviroShield commercial disinfectant system similar to what is used in hospitals and backpack vacuum cleaners that exceed HEPA filtration standards.

The company’s multitiered master franchising structure has prompted some class-action lawsuits accusing it of preying on immigrant workers and imposing improper wage deductions. Still, Wallace said JAN-PRO is working to address those concerns. It’s also introducing a new payroll system that should give its employees more control over their hours and wages.

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